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We grew up together. . .

comatonse newsletter.016
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:59:21 +0900

comatonse newsletter.016
in this issue:

1. my italian pink floyd concert and other recent incidents
2. new video & forthcoming audio projects
3. upcoming performances - new tokyo events
4. $BF|K\8l(B (japanese text)
1. my italian pink floyd concert and other recent incidents

i've been running ragged these past few months, preparing for an autumnal onslaught of releases from mille plateaux and
comatonse recordings. although they will not be released for a few more months, texts and images are now online (see 2,

i just got back from a show in switzerland. due to alitalia's strategic pilot delays (an alternative to officially striking), the flight
from tokyo to europe was delayed and i had to spend the night in milan. we arrived at the airport at 1:00am, and sleepily
boarded a bus bound for a remote (and cheap) hotel. most people were trying to sleep. as the bus pulled out, the sound of a
cheering crowd slowly filled the bus. it's the driver's stereo.... a slow synthesizer fades over the crowd. guitar plunks... from my
front row seat i watch the driver gradually pump the volume over the course of a seemingly eternal musical intro. he repeatedly
gazes at the passengers through his rear-view mirror - is he making sure we are not being disturbed, or seeking affirmation?
definitely affirmation.... it's... it's... a live version of "shine on you crazy diamond," as recently played by the remaining backdrop
foagies of pink floyd! fifteen minutes later, the vocals kick in. the driver is singing in top form. there's no stopping us now
(literally - he ran several red lights in his distracted state). this was truly the driver's moment to "shine on" (you crazy

previously, back in japan....

during one of my routine kawasaki rollerblading expeditions, i was quickly gaining on a girl riding her bicycle - she was perhaps
10 years old. while i was still a few meters behind, she looked over her shoulder and saw me coming. perhaps due to her
unfamiliarity with rollerblades and moppy-headed foreigners in 'daisy duke' cut-off shorts, she suddenly started screaming and
crying at the top of her lungs, leaned over her handlebars, butt raised in the air, and pedaled as fast as she could. (hmm... no
offense taken, sweety.) still gaining on her in stride, i know that the problem will remain so long as i am behind her. still, how the
hell do i get past her without giving the poor girl a seizure? i decide to 'get it over with' and pass her anyway... her pitch rises...
seriously, i think i was more scared than she was... then, as i pull in front, from the corner of my eye, i catch an odd expression
of dumbfounded disappointment on her face as her voice fell silent. what the hell was that all about?!!

love, terre
2. new video & forthcoming audio projects


title: "interstices" (18 minutes)
format: vhs-stereo (ntsc/pal)
label: comatonse recordings
release date: 04/2001
distributor: comatonse recordings
url: http://www.comatonse.com/releases/v001.html
description: "interstices n (pl.) small gaps or spaces between objects" there's "no experience required" to enjoy interstices'
"easier" format. terre thaemlitz adapts selected music, text and images from his cd interstices (mille plateaux, 2000 mp94) into a
video that makes reading fun. come investigate the interstices between genders, sexual orientations, and other identity
constructs. intersexual birth, surgical gender reassignment, sex acts, and transsexual job opportunities are among the topics
processed through filters of private and public expectation. comissioned by lovebytes, and funded by the national lottery
through the arts council of england.


title: "oh, no! it's rubato!" piano interpretations of devo titles
label: mille plateaux
release date: 10/2001
distributor: efa
url: http://www.comatonse.com/listening/ohnoitsrubato.html
description: this third installment of the 'rubato series' features piano interpretations of devo titles. (previous releases interpreted
kraftwerk and gary numan.) themes include devo's relationship to americana, their initial critique of the audio marketplace, their
ultimate capitulation to big business and advertising, and parallels with artists in the smaller electronica marketplace.

title: dj sprinkles: "bassline.89"
label: comatonse recordings
release date: 09/2001
distributor: lexington/manhattan records (japan)
url: http://www.comatonse.com/releases/c008.html
Description: a tribute to the pre-commodified tranny/latino/afro house sounds of 1989.

title: social material: "class/consciousness"
label: comatonse recordings
release date: 09/2001
distributor: lexington/manhattan records (japan)
url: http://www.comatonse.com/releases/c009.html
description: this 12-inch tries to map the relations between comatonse recordings' socio-material agenda and the spiritual
demands of the deep house dancing public. maybe one answer lies in semi-spiritual communist commodities from the former
u.s.s.r. and red china.

note: i will soon be getting inventory of the newest release by andrew zealley and don pyle (a.k.a. greek buck), "the law of
enclosures" (soundtrack to the film by john greyson). this is absolutely my favorite work of theirs. keep an eye on the releases
page for availability:
3. upcoming performances - new tokyo events

$BF|K\8l(B event information: http://www.comatonse.com/thaemlitz/gigs.html

july 25 2001 | tokyo, japan
event: ubique creator's meeting
time: 23:00 - all night
admission: $B%((B2,000 (1 drink)
location: uplink factory
5f, 1-8-17 jinnan, shibuya-ku, tokyo 150-0041
info: factory@uplink.co.jp
url: http://www.uplink.co.jp/
description: discussion and performance of "interstices" (audio and video). with ayuo takahashi, dj kinka (key of knowlidge)
and dj kensei.

july 29 2001 | tokyo, japan
event: ironica
time: 19:00 - 22:00
admission: $B%((B2,800 advance / $B%((B3,000 door
location: club asia p
vuenos 2f, shibuya-ku, tokyo
info: 03-5428-5979 (clippers)
description: for all genders, sexualities, races and cultures. featuring transgendered ny deep house mix by dj sprinkles (terre
thaemlitz/comatonse recordings). with special guest hyperreal women dancers 'romantica.'

every 2nd and 4th monday, starting july 30 2001 | tokyo, japan
event: very fucking eikaiwa
time: 21:00
classes held every 2nd and 4th monday
admission: $B%((B2,000 (1 drink)
location: uplink factory
5f, 1-8-17 jinnan, shibuya-ku, tokyo 150-0041
info: factory@uplink.co.jp
url: http://www.uplink.co.jp/
description: terreko-sensei teaches group english lessons for beginners. first lesson: 'introduction to latex love,' simple talk
about safer sex and preventing sexually transmitted diseases (s.t.d.).

august 4 2001 | tokyo, japan
event: life force
info: lifeforce@music.email.ne.jp
description: terre joins resident life force party dj 'nick the record' (uk) for an evening of house and deep jazz.

for updates and additional information on performances, please visit
TERRE THAEMLITZ / terre@comatonse.com
COMATONSE RECORDINGS / http://www.comatonse.com/
SANRIOT / http://www.sanriot.com/
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